Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Signs

Custom Signs

While many signs can be considered “custom,” the ones you order for your business are unique. In this case, the type of material you choose for your sign should be carefully considered. For instance, you might have two different images you would like to display on the same wall, but you can easily create an accordion effect with aluminum panels. This type of display is particularly effective for larger signs. If you’re looking to make a huge visual impact with your signage, you should consider using custom signage to help you achieve that. Check out for guidelines and details.

Choosing a material for your sign is important because the material will affect its overall look and lifespan. Consider the location, application methods, and environmental factors, including climate, before settling on a material. While choosing a material for your sign, keep in mind the following guidelines:

Creating a custom sign will allow you to be more creative with your signage, as you can decide what materials to use, what color to use, and how to design it. A custom sign will help you establish a distinct identity for your company, and it will draw customers to your business. Custom signs are an investment that will help your business grow. Custom signs will inform customers of sales or special promotions. Moreover, strategically placed signs will drive potential customers to your location, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Before buying custom signs, you should check their credentials and see how many other satisfied clients they have. Not all contractors are reliable. Check their licenses and checks, and read customer reviews online. Be honest and ask tough questions, but remember that you want to buy quality products and services from a reliable company. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing signs from a low-quality company. Cheap materials are less likely to last and will result in more repairs or replacements.

Color is a vital part of branding. Colors evoke emotions in people. A recent ColorFast survey showed that 80% of people assessed a brand based solely on its color alone. This fact is why custom signs are an effective way to distinguish your brand. For example, McDonald’s famous golden arches with a red background are recognizable to millions of people. By incorporating color in your signage, you can strengthen your brand’s visibility and professional image.

You should also think about location. While many businesses focus on the location of their business, you should consider how many people will be seeing your signs from certain angles. For instance, the cone of vision of drivers is narrow and must be visible for them to see clearly. Your sign should be visible to the driver’s three-degree cone of vision. Consult experts to ensure that your signage is placed in the right place. A good place to start is the parking lot, where you can install a custom signage.

Another thing to consider is the material of the sign. Acrylic is an excellent choice for many signs, but it tends to yellow over time. For this reason, most outdoor backlit signs are made of polycarbonate plastic, commonly known as lexan. This material doesn’t suffer the same limitations that acrylic does. Whether it’s for an outdoor or an indoor location, you’ll have to choose a material that will stand up to the elements.

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